ABC Trade Fair 2016

Las Vegas, USA

CLIENT  Storksak & BabyMel

SECTOR  Commercial

TYPE  Trade Fair Exhibition Stand 

VALUE  £30,000

AREA   50m2

STATUS  Complete (2015)

SERVICE  Design | Fabrication | Construction

This design of a modular and adaptive trade fair stand is the most recent commission for StorkSak.


The main brief was to create a stand that not only allowed for large quantity of bags to be displayed but for them to be locked away safely during closing hours. This led to a intriguing and dynamic design solution that provided moveable autonomous structures when open in display mode, but once closed became an integrated lockable cube.


The materials of cedar, fluted clear polycarbonate and canvas allowed for compelling light qualities whilst being affordable, lightweight and easy to move.


The stand was designed and fabricated as a kit of parts in our London workshop and shipped to Las Vegas where it was erected in 2 days for the trade fair.


It has a three year life-span offering a more sustainable and economically viable exhibition structure that will be reused for each year and at other locations globally. The design is modular so can be adapted to suit alternative plot footprints.

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