Koelnmesse Trade Fair 2016-17

Cologne, Germany

CLIENT  StorkSak & BabyMel

SECTOR  Commercial

TYPE  Trade Fair Exhibition Stand 

VALUE  £30,000

AREA   50m2

STATUS  Complete (2015)

SERVICE  Design | Fabrication | Construction

Return client Storksak commissioned a new stand for their annual German trade Fair.


Working with themes of the new organics range, ECD chose to use natural materials where possible.


The structural qualities of bamboo has always been of interest to Eckford Chong, referencing travels to Hong Kong and inspired by the temporary use of bamboo for scaffolding. This idea was utilised to produce an exhibition stand with a principal structure of bamboo creating an exo-skeleton that could enclose and define space, whilst providing a framework to hang display shelving.


The bar/counter at the centre of the stand was constructed in OSB to continue the wood theme whilst offering an affordable option for the clients restricted budget whilst complementing the brand itself.

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